Femi Adebayo as Agesinkole in King Of Thieves 2022 Movie

“King Of Thieves” Box Office Success Begins New Future For Nollywood

After dominating the media with its “Epic and Dangerous” premiere two weekends ago, “King Of Thieves” box office success has proved it was worth the hype.

The new title from Niyi Akinmolayan’s Anthill Studios and Femi Adebayo’s Euphoria360 coproduction has set multiple box office records in its opening weekend.

After grossing more than NGN 40 million, the “King Of Thieves” box office domination last weekend is a real success. It beat Sony’s “Morbius” (NGN 18million) in its second weekend, Paramount’s weekend opening for “Sonic 2” (NGN 14 million), and Biodun Stephen’s “A Simple Lie” (NGN 3 million) in its third week.

With this success, the title is on-track to enter our Nollywood Box Office: Top 50 list in its opening weekend. “Omugwo” from Golden Effects is currently at No 50 on the list with NGN 48 million gross.

Furthermore, the title is on track to become 2022’s biggest cinema release. Kevin Luther Apaa directed “Dinner At My Place” currently at NGN 54 million is 2022’s highest grossing title, however, it only grossed NGN 11 million in its opening weekend.

According to Niyi Akinmolayan, who directed the movie, “King of Thieves” is the biggest opening for both Anthill Studios and Euphoria 360. Here are the box office records “King Of Thieves” set last weekend:

  • Yoruba film release of all time;
  • Opening of all time for an indigenous release;
  • Biggest opening for a Nollywood release in 2022;
  • Single-day gross box office (GBO) for any film released in 2022;
  • Single-day GBO for a Nollywood film released in 2022;
  • Biggest opening for a Nollywood film released in April;

The “King Of Thieves” box office success has begun the new future for Nollywood and we expect to see more indigenous stories.

Watch the trailer and see the full cast of “King Of Thieves” here.

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