"GBÉSÉ" Heads to Indieview Film & Food Festival 2023

“GBÉSÉ” heads to Indieview Film & Food Festival 2023


A classic tale of reversal of roles, Gbese casts the Nigerian police officer as the “hunted” when a bribe-seeking officer finds himself at the mercy of a serial killer with a thing for corrupt officers.

The film, which premiered at the s16 film festival, has been celebrated by film critics and audiences.  What Kept Me Up review called it “…a rekindling of the trauma of police brutality.”

Gbese provides an introspection on society with an intriguing exploration of dark possibilities, set in the landscape of a slasher horror flick.

"GBÉSÉ" Heads to Indieview Film & Food Festival 2023

Gbese was written and directed by Adesola Oni, produced by Konirewa films and Olayemi Oshodi, and executive produced by Cocoa House, Z3rovisuals, The Miracc and Ghost Media.

“We are actively tapping into youth culture by supporting creative communities such as Indieview to empower creators across Africa” said Kolapo Oladapo, Lead Convener of Cocoa House .

Gbese is scheduled to screen at the Indieview Film & Food Festival this January.

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