Enjoy A Movie A Day On Africa Magic This March

Enjoy A Movie A Day On Africa Magic This March

This March, you can enjoy a movie a day on Africa Magic. The cable network has promised all its subscribers 55 brand new and classic Nollywood films every day of this month, so get ready for a wave of emotional drama, horror, action, and riveting suspense-filled movies.

Beginning on March 1, 2023, Africa Magic will release a wave of excellent entertainment with captivating plot and top-notch production. There is something for everyone. Wheter you like ardent romantics or you are a thrill-seeker, you can enjoy a movie a day on Africa Magic Urban CH. 153 on DSTV and CH. 6 on GoTv.

TitleDateShowtimeWhere To Watch
Room Hate1st March4:30pm WATAM Urban
The Complete Half2nd March2:00pm WATAM Showcase
Total Crisis2nd March4:00pm WATAM Urban
Final Crisis3rd March 4:00pm WATAM Urban
Alone3rd March5:00pm WATAM Showcase
Cheat4th March1:30pm WATAM Showcase
The Playbook4th March9:00pm WATAM Showcase
Just Like Abc4th March9:00pm WATAM Urban
Daluchi5th March11:00am WATAM Showcase
Now That We Are Married5th March9:30pm WATAM Showcase
Can You Forgive5th March9:30pm WATAM Urban
In the Middle Of The Heart6th March4:30pm WATAM Urban
Flat Share7th March4:30pm WATAM Urban
Love And Likeness8th March3:50pm WATAM Urban
Playing By Heart9th March2:00pm WATAM Showcase
Will Of God9th March4:20pm WATAM Urban
Raggae Boys10th March3:30pm WATAM Urban
My Jewel My World10th March5:00pm WATAM Showcase
Logline11th March1:30pm WATAM Showcase
The Last Days Of Lola Sampson11th March9:00pm WATAM Showcase
Fatal Mistake11th March9:00pm WATAM Urban
Emily’s Muddle12th March10:45am WATAM Showcase
A Night Alone12th March9:30pm WATAM Showcase
Prime Suspect12th March9:30pm WATAM Urban
Total Crisis12th March9:30pm WATAM Urban
Criminal Law13th March4:20pm WATAM Urban
Control14th March4:40pm WATAM Urban
Rush Hour15th March9:30pm WATAM Urban
Dear Sister16th March2:00pm WATAM Showcase
Final Hour16th March4:30pm WATAM Urban
Taxi Driver17th March4:05pm WATAM Urban
Don’t Test My Love17th March5:00pm WATAM Showcase
The Kingmaker18th March1:30pm WATAM Showcase
The Hunter18th March9:00pm WATAM Showcase
Monica’s Error18th March9:00pm WATAM Urban
Hex19th March10:45am WATAM Showcase
Direct Message19th March8:30pm WATAM Showcase
Deeper Than Love19th March8:30pm WATAM Urban
Trouble In Paradise20th March4:30pm WATAM Urban
A Lasting Chance21st March4:30pm WATAM Urban
White Hunters22nd March3:40pm WATAM Urban
Holy Heist23rd March2:00pm WATAM Showcase
Return Of White Hunters23rd March3:55pm WATAM Urban
Girl Of Destiny24th March4:10pm WATAM Urban
Accidental Maid24th March5:00pm WATAM Showcase
Holy Trouble25th March1:30pm WATAM Showcase
Haywire25th March9:00pm WATAM Showcase
First Things First25th March9:00pm WATAM Urban
The Crush26th March8:30pm WATAM Urban
The Bride Price26th March8:30pm WATAM Showcase
Transferred Aggression27th March3:15pm WATAM Urban
Supreme Ladies28th March3:55pm WATAM Urban
Desperate Sister29th March3:45pm WATAM Urban
Destiny30th March2:00pm WATAM Showcase
Sister’s Heart30th March3:40pm WATAM Urban
Omugwo/CHIMAMANDA31st March5:00pm WATAM Showcase

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